Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Productivity at it's Height

I have been housebound all week, while we are having a geothermal heating system installed.  So, I am here with the workcrew "supervising"....
I am going stir crazy.
I have cleaned the house, organized the cupboards, vacuumed the pantry, emptied the ashes from the stove daily, dusted, watered the plants, etc.
During the day, I have been working on some in depth drawings that I will post later in the week.
I am pleased with my progress.
While the workcrew has torn apart the basement and all our belongings, the bright side--- (optimism here) is that I plan to clean out the basement and organize it fully in the next few days...

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Laurie said...

Must be something in the air. Damian is having us clean like crazy here. We washed down the walls the other day and have more cleaning planned for his next day off!