Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Even though the holidays are over, I think we are busier than we were during the Christmas holidays....
The weather (snow today and then ice, ice, ice) has added to the hustle and bustle and the feeling of stress and pressure.  The kids returned to school on Monday and it was as if everyone at school was operating underwater.  Few students arrived at school, even though the weather was beautiful on Monday.  Maybe they were still on vacation?  The teachers continued to show movies in many classes and yet other teachers piled on the homework, as if to "make up" work from Christmas vacation.  
Honestly, I could write a book on the parallels between the majority of teachers and Hollywood.  The teachers at our local school are Hollywood groupies.  They purchase Hollywood rags...aka gossip and "entertainment" magazines, show films as if they are educational materials (think Michael Moore's "Sicko"shown as an expose of American Healthcare, "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Finding Nemo" for Spanish class and "Step Brothers" in Study Hall.   None of these movies are worth the time it takes to watch them, with the exception of "Finding Nemo" an animated take of a fish in the sea.  "Sicko" is controversial at best and pure crap at worst.  Pan's Labyrinth is a film that should not be shown to students and would not be something that I would choose to watch in my free time.  So, I ask the question, "with limited time at school, why show any filler films at all?  
The teachers that showed the little theater productions mentioned above, also were the teachers that wore their presidential candidates button to school both before and after the election.  Can you guess which candidate they supported?
Never mind that by wearing the button during class time, during school hours at school is using their positions unfairly, the taxpayers are paying them to advertise their candidate.  Also, the administration must see that their faculty is doing this.  This is unfair as the teachers are not supposed to teach one political agenda, but rather teach history, political theories and historic facts, not their own opinions....
Can you imagine the outrage if one teacher wore a button that was pro-life?  That teacher would be ostracized and most probably fired from their job.  At the very least, they would be told to get rid of the button.
That leads me to the parallels to Hollywood.  Celebrities are now considered experts on all things, from medicine to architecture to politics.  How insulting is this that someone who makes a living pretending to be someone else, is credited with being an expert of things that they have never done, studied or even experienced.  Sadly, people relate to the celebrity as if they have any knowledge, just because they are in the public eye and are familiar.  People want to be a part of something.  Jumping on the celebrity bandwagon is one way people accomplish this.  How else can we explain the results of last election?
Andrew Breitbart, a journalist who creates news sites and founder of unveiled Big Hollywood, a website that has entertainment news written by Hollywood insiders, writers, actors, workers who do not lean to the left.  Very interesting stuff.

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Laurie said...

I've had students come to my sessions and want to watch movies ??? So yeah, they are over-used sometimes.

I don't agree with the teachers wearing political buttons. Sure they can have their opinions, but they need to present both view points in the classroom I think.