Friday, January 09, 2009

Guess What I Did Today?

At first glance, this resembles a normal list or "brain" as my father calls it....
But look closer.
Have you ever had #3 on your list?

And no, I didn't have to capture a fox and gather it's, well... you know.  I can buy this substance in any farm store (Agway, Blue Seal) in a clean bottle.

You might be asking yourself, "Why does one need fox urine?"
Well, we have a chipmunk residing in our attic.  He likes it there.
Rat poison doesn't work on these rodents as they regurgitate it rather than ingest it, so we must go to plan B to eliminate these pesky rodents....

And fox urine is a repellent to these evil, but cute creatures.  See, this particular chippy has a habit of gnawing at something at 2:30 am for about 45 minutes, until I pound the wall and try and drive it away.  Then, I spend the next hour imagining all the damage this 24 oz creature is doing to my home.
Oh, and the choices. For a mere $18 I had my selection of fox urine, coyote urine or bobcat urine, all collected from live specimens.  (And I thought my job was tough.)
If the fox urine doesn't work, I am going straight to the bobcat urine....

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Anonymous said...

They sure are pesky things - Good luck.