Sunday, January 18, 2009

Movie Review - You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Movie Rating - 0 out of 10 stars
This Adam Sandler movie was just plain awful.  I am not a huge Adam Sandler fan at all, but a few of his movies I find entertaining (Mr. Deeds and The Wedding Singer).  I know my sisters love his Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy.
So, I was not expecting this movie to be anything but silly fun. 
Sandler is the star of this film as a former (and highly skilled) Mossad agent who no longer wants to work for Israel, so he fakes his own death and heads to NYC to style hair.
At first glance, the plot seems silly, but sets the stage for many laughs.
Unfortunately, the laughs are few and are only attempts at laughs.  The premise, that a former sniper/trained agent wants to give up that life, still retain his physical skills and join the profession of hair stylists.
OK.  That is the extent of the laughs.  The "laughs" within the film come from sex jokes, innuendos and flat out scenes of Sandler having sex with large, fat women.  In the first 10 minutes, we saw his naked buttocks at least 3 times, watched him catch a hackey sack as well as a fish with his butt cheeks and watched him wear a speedo with an inflated balloon in the crotch.
Needless to say, this was 10 minutes too long for us.  Power off.
We have not made many mistakes with our Netflix ordering, but this was a very bad idea.  We wasted 1o min of our life on this crap.... 


M said...

That is a really bad movie. His new movie (Bed Time Stories) is much better and is a cute one for kids. Zohan was horrible!

piera said...

Try Anger Management with Jack Nicleson and Adam Sandler. I thought it was extremely funny. I watched the previews for You Don't Mess with the Zohan and it looked really stupid... Just a point of information. Adam Sandler went to Central High School in Concord, NH. Usually he wears one of his Central shirts in all his movies. Something I saw in an interview that he did. Though it was interesting..