Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, New You!

So this is an exciting time of year...Christmas, one of our most favorite holidays was wonderful and we are all still talking about Christmas, family and the holiday.  The New Year, 2009.  Wow.  We are already in day 3.  This is a time to rethink some things, set goals for the new year and learn from past mistakes.

My word of 2008 was ZEAL.  I tried to work that into my life to motivate me to try new things, take a few risks with creative challenges and decorating my home.  Instead of plain white walls (which can be beautiful in their own right) I chose buttery-caramel colors.  I painted quotes and murals and just enjoyed the process as well as the outcome.
This year, my word is BELIEVE.  I want to believe in myself, my choices, my children's choices and my family.  I think BELIEVE sums up what you do after you have done all that you should do.  So, I will get my things in order and BELIEVE.  Trusting in myself, my family, my beliefs in God.  Not, blindly hoping that things work out and happen, but doing my part and then letting others do their parts.

Some other "resolutions" such an overused word this time of year, but perhaps it is seasonal...
1. Keep my sink clean
2. Hang up my coat as soon as I come in.
3. Put my shoes away so my husband doesn't trip all over them  (this will be the most challenging)
4. Drink 2 more glasses of water a day than I am currently drinking.
5. Cut down on clutter by putting things in their homes immediately (junk mail, groceries, etc) or having a spot designated for things in limbo.
6. Trying to explain my feelings of frustration or anger, rather than reacting in anger or frustration... I will be using a lot of "I am feeling very ____.....  Give me strength.

Good Luck and Happy 2009

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