Friday, January 23, 2009

Root Beer Cake

We love root beer.  OK, my girls and I love root beer, Jon prefers cream soda.  But, we all LOVE cake.  So I tried a modified cake recipe, a root beer cake.  Seems like it should work.  I found some recipes on the web, some chocolate, some vanilla based.
Well, I decided that I didn't want a chocolate version...too many contrasting flavors, I wanted the root beer flavor to come through.
So, I made a yellow cake from a mix, using root beer instead of the water called for on the box.  I followed the remaining directions exactly.
It smelled great while baking and once out of the oven, lots of sweet root beer scent.
Then I made a glaze of powdered sugar and root beer, for some added punch and drizzled it over the cake.
It looked great.  The cake cooked a little darker than normal for a yellow cake (the addition of root beer), but beautiful.  I baked it in a bundt pan.
I proudly served it with vanilla ice cream for a root beer float effect (I am not normally a fan of cake + ice cream, but I ADORE ice cream.  I just enjoy either on its own).
It was good.  It wasn't great.  It was weird to have the root beer flavor in a cake.  The ice cream was a good addition, lending a familiar taste of a root beer float.
Next time, I will satisfy my craving with an actual root beer float!

Recipe - 
1 pkg yellow or white cake mix
3 eggs
12 oz root beer (flat is even better)
1/3 cup vegetable oil

Mix and bake according to directions on box. 

Icing - 2 cups powdered sugar 1/4 cup +/- root beer.
Incorporate both to form glaze of thick consistency- not quite toothpaste consistency.
Drizzle over cake.
Serve with vanilla ice cream

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Cam said...

Rootbeer floats was the only craving that I really had when I was pregnant. I think I'll try making the cake next week :)