Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sat Night

Last night I hosted a "Black Tie" Tennis Social at the tennis club we belong to in VT.
It was a very fun night.  Members were all invited (17 people attended) and we played tennis games (all 17 at once!) had a potluck and played Blackjack.  Stephen (Al's boyfriend) was a good sport, put on a bowtie and was the official dealer of the night.  Members all had a good time.
Allie and I were finalists in a tiebreak tournament.  The game was only 1 point and the crowd bet on which team would win, Allie & I or Tyler (a Bowdoin college tennis player & Gilberte, a fiesty firecracker and 75 year old member).
Well, we were the favorites! 6-1!  This was ridiculous as Tyler could beat us without a partner.  But, I like a challenge and love the pressure of the single point match!  We won the toss and we chose to serve.  Al was a little nervous and asked me to serve and I live for these moments!  So, I served, had a short rally with Tyler, when I realized... I am having a rally with Tyler!  WHY AM I HITTING TO HIM?
Well, apparently, I said this out loud.  The court roared with laughter, Allie bent over laughing and I dumped the ball into the net.  I, however, thought they were laughing because I dumped the ball into the net.  Allie explained to me that she couldn't believe I said that.  And I said, "Oh, my God, I said that out loud?"
Well, at least we all had a good laugh!  The top image is Gilberte, Al and I laughing about the point!
We all had fun.  Stephen became a master dealer (I hope his parents forgive me for that) and Allie and I had fun playing and laughing together.

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