Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trouble Travels in Threes

Here is a picture of me, M (in middle) and P (on right) when we were peanuts back over 30 years ago.  Those contraptions that they are situated in are walkers.  Believe or not, they were fantastic and allowed the twins independence and mobility (even though at the time I would have preferred that they were caged in a playpen).
Today Ash and I met M for lunch in Dover.  We have been trying to get a Wii board but been unable to find one.  M found a Wii board for us, so we were more than happy to come and pick it up.  We laughed and talked.  Her speech went really well last Thursday night.  Yay!  People were surprised to see her dressed "like a lady" instead of with her athletic attire.  She gave a great speech and we are all awaiting a computer file or a video of her speech.  M has come so far from the little tyrant in the walker above...
Don't let the picture fool you.  Those "adorable" babies were vicious in those walkers and used the wheels to build up speed to ram their equally adorable older sister.  They accomplished this feat before the WWF perfected tag team wrestling.  I still remember the pain!

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