Thursday, January 08, 2009

Useful Tools - The Pillowcase

Pillowcases are quite useful and not just for resting your weary head.  Use them for:
  •  "quick bags" when you need to carry something but don't have time to locate a bag (can you picture a cat burglar?)
  • use old pillowcases to store costumes, they not only keep costumes dust free, but protect them as well without promoting mildew and moisture
  • covering pillows to make decorative throws
  • lining a basket for a cat bed, a doll bed or a basket of produce
  • keep one in the car to store maps, menus or the like
  • use them to cover seldom used appliances to keep the dust off
  • place an old towel in a pillowcase and use to as a cat bed/dog bed or to use as a bath mat
  • make into a shopping bag or tote
  • make into a toddler dress
  • use as a "liner" on a mesh or basket trash bag (still use a plastic trash bag) but will look pretty with the fabric showing, rather than the plastic trash bag)
  • use as a laundry bag to wash delicate items or kids toys - plastic or stuffed
  • place over the end of a broom and dust cobwebs away from corners and high spaces

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