Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I am Reading - no spoilers

The Titanic Story has always fascinated me. I can remember when I was young, my father got me a yearly subscription to National Geographic.  One of the issues was on the newly found Titanic in 1986 including amazing underwater photographs.  The photos were so interesting, that I would read and reread the issue until the pages were worn and the binding was destroyed.
Then in the '90s James Cameron came out with the epic "Titanic" movie, a love story based on the actual events, mostly accurate, but not fully.  Cameron's recreation was vibrant and nothing short of spectacular.
 "Unsinkable" by Daniel Butler is nothing short of spectacular in its own right.  It reads like a documentary, recording fine details, names, dates and histories of the crew, the passengers and the culture of England 1912.  It spares no detail, at times it is hard to keep focused.  However, it romanticizes nothing and records everything.  "Unsinkable" is a great read for tying up lose ends, lingering questions about the Titanic and the aftermath.

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