Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Couldn't Resist

The lemon granita from Valentine's Day was so delicious, that I made another one on a whim, but this time used red ruby grapefruit juice.  The juice was so tart that is made a very delicious granita!  Even better than the lemon.  The color was exquisite.  It was even better than the lemon granita.  The girls and I have been trying to come up with alternate flavors that would be delicious and I thought about cantaloupe and Al suggested watermelon.  The acidic flavor of the lemon and grapefruit made it especially sweet-tart, so I am curious how the melon flavors would be.


DamianC said...

How about pomegranate or blood orange, or kiwi!

DannyB said...

All sound yummy!