Tuesday, February 03, 2009


In an effort to eat better and work on nutrition, Allie and Stephen have spent the last few weeks trying to change their eating habits.
As teenagers they both have fast metabolisms and huge appetites, but they have been trading in some less then healthy lunches for dark green salads with grilled chicken or whole wheat pita bread with lots of raw vegetables and hummus.
I have been very impressed.  This morning while Allie was making lunches I observed what looked like a very tasty lunch.
She split open a pita, filled it with dark green lettuce leaves (spinach, arugula and romaine) thick cucumber slices and carrot coins.  Then she topped of each with a rounded tablespoon of hummus.  It looked great.
After school I asked her how the lunch was and she said, "great!".  I asked how Stephen liked it, as I don't think he ate hummus before and she said he did....
I am glad to see them taking in interest in nutrition and trying different foods.

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