Monday, February 16, 2009

One Valentine's Day Surprise

My Valentine has wanted me to make him a quilt ever since I started quilting 2 years ago.  I have made a few quilts since then (and some he has absconded with) but he has wanted his own quilt for a while.  So, I prepared to make one for him in late January and thought I would give it to him for Valentine's Day.
I first planned it on the computer, then went and found the fabric that I thought would be soft (flannel) and masculine (blues and browns) and went to work.  I spent the first day cutting the squares, the next day piecing together a few rows, where I ran into the first snag, the quilt would not be long enough.
Jon wanted it long enough so that he could tuck his feet in while watching TV and still not be tightly bundled.  So, I added a few more rows to make it long enough.
Then, I decided that I wanted to bind the edges.....

(Pictures aren't posting, so I will add them later)

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