Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prepping for the Tennis Team

I created the design and transferred it to a screen that I covered with waterproof glue (on areas that I didn't want to transfer).
I tidied up the image to give sharper lines...

I completed 12 shirts in about 2 hours today.

Tennis season for the high school team begins March 23.  I spoke with the athletic director and set up dates for practices, secured indoor courts and and preparing my "lessons" for the team. Last year, the team was so much fun.  The girls made such progress.  I am continually amazed by how fast they learn and advance their skills.  We started off with a mostly beginning team and by beginner, I mean that out of 16 girls, 3 could play tennis and had a decent understanding of the rules.  Of those 3, only 1 could keep the ball in play.  The rest hadn't ever picked up a racquet.  
But, despite that, by the end of the season, all knew the rules and could hit a serve plus one or two balls.  The top 3 advanced further.
This year, I am expecting a similar team (as most girls do not play indoors, so only play 3 months out of the year) but I am hoping for the same dedication.
What I learned from the girls ages 14 - 18 was that despite being "grown up" they are all in need of a role model, a stable force in their lives.  Last year, we had a great season and had a great time.   This year I want it to be better.
The school does not allocate much money for the tennis.  We are lucky to get a case of tennis balls for the season and a handful of court time indoors.  So, while other teams had uniforms, warm ups, tee shirts, hats, equipment, wind screens on the courts, etc, we were fortunate that we had uniforms.
The girls wanted shirts to wear over their uniforms as the weather is usually very cold.  So, I investigated shirts that each girl would have to pay for.  Prices ran $10 - $15 per shirt + shipping.  I thought this was way too much.  The girls still had to buy shoes, racquets and warm ups.  So, I found a way to buy shirts and imprint them with our logo which I designed....

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