Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Movie

So, I have been asked why we went with Die Hard for our choice of Valentine's movie as opposed to a "chick flick" or sappy love story....
Well, first off, I LOVE this movie.  It came out in 1988 (a lifetime ago) and my girls have not seen it and weren't even born then... 
I loved it when it came out... Bruce Willis, the reluctant hero, a cop on vacation to visit his estranged wife and kids in LA while he was from NY.  So, culture shock was major.  Then, his wife's successful business firm is hijacked by supposed terrorists, who were merely "common thugs".
John McClane, the hero, was witty, brave and lucky and persevered through hard work against all odds and against the system that wanted to deal with the criminals as if they had any degree of social norms.
Loved it.  Loved the sarcastic humor, the one liners, the quips and the sheer excitement of it.
Of course, I loved the ending and the way the criminals got what was coming to them.  I also like how the people who thought the criminals were just misunderstood looked like buffoons.
Great movie.

Next time, we will watch Titanic.  Although having read true accounts of the disaster, I am put off by James Camerone's hollywood bias and wish he was more historically accurate and less politically correct-- but that is another review!

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