Monday, February 02, 2009

What I am Reading - Lobster at Home

Jasper White, famous lobster chef created the book, Lobster at Home.  Great Book!
I was impressed that it not only has recipes, but also is very informative (he teaches you how to tell the difference between male and female lobsters, which is important if you want the lobster with roe) and safety, both in preparation and storage/transport. 
He is passionate about lobster preparation and it shows in his book.  It is great to see someone being so particular, so dedicated to what they do!
The recipes include things like how to microwave lobster ( 6-7 min in a bag in the microwave with some lemon!) genuine New England lobster roll, lobster bisque, lobster risotto, lobster ravioli and even vegetable salads and side dishes to go with the lobster.
I don't prepare lobster often (less than once a year) but this book is like a bible for lobster preparation.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good one! My dd's favorite part of grocery shopping on Superbowl Sunday (after getting a free cookie at the bakery) was watching them pluck lobsters out of the tank at the seafood counter :)