Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High School Tennis Team Day 1

Last night, we had the first high school practice for the girls tennis team.  8 girls attended my "boot camp" like practice with 1 hour of fitness and then 1 hour of tennis.
I am so lucky, as it is a fabulous group of kind, hard working girls.  They all seemed to enjoy the drill session in the gym.  As they are all between the ages of 14 and 18, they are all young and strong.  Many of them are not as fit as teenagers should be, but they were all willing to give it their all, all had smiles and giggles on their faces and all took it seriously, but not too seriously.
I was impressed.  After the first hour of ab exercises, stretching, leg strength training and tossing a medicine ball around, no one quit or disappeared!
We then went out on the tennis court and I quickly discovered who had tennis experience and who was just starting.
The beginners were two very bright girls who are also exchange students.  They both speak English very well and both have lovely personalities.  It was clear that they enjoyed hitting the ball as hard as they could.  (It is a good thing I can run fast and duck quickly, as we had a few close calls, followed by apologies and the girls turning red!)  I worked with them on control and placement and to be honest, they made tremendous progress in only one day.
Our next practice is on Thursday and seeing if they are brave enough to return should be very interesting....
At the end of the night, Allie and Ash both told me that practice was fun.  (I breathed a sigh of relief).

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