Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am a Demanding Grocery Shopper

I never really thought about it, but I guess I am a demanding grocery shopper.  I hand select my own produce, will change my plans for dinner if the beef or chicken doesn't look good and will substitute or change dinner plans if some produce looks irresistible or cost effective.
I like to bring my own grocery bags and have been doing it on and off since 1994 in college.  I like the durability of fabric bags or reusable totes.
Now, reusable bags even come insulated or padded.

However, here is where I am demanding.  I prefer to bag my own groceries but in many of the New England grocery stores, they have baggers who pack them for you.  I don't like to arrive home and have my bread crushed, my meats leaking or my produce dented.
When I remove items from my cart and put on the belt for checkout, I group them by packaging - boxes of cereal, canned goods, produce, dairy, frozen foods, raw meats & fish....
Why is it that the bagger feels the need to try and put my bread, chicken breasts and dish soap in the same bag.
I am always on alert and don't hesitate to ask them to re-pack or remove items.  Believe me, I see fear in their eyes when I wheel my cart into their lane!

I don't expect them to pack my groceries 100% like I want them.  But is it too much to ask for frozen food to go into one bag, heavy cans placed on the bottom of the bread and bananas?
Apparently, it is.
On Sunday, Allie and I were in the grocery store and there was a "young" bagger.  He bagged my groceries like a pro!  He even put my raw chicken in a plastic disposable bag.
I was very surprised and very pleased.  I thanked the young kid and told him that he did a very good job with the groceries.  Allie blurted out, "Wow, she never likes the way anyone packs the groceries!"  
I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  That young bagger is what legends are made of!

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