Sunday, March 15, 2009

Irish Soda Bread

My version of Gram's recipe with some modifications.... It looks good, but tastes like a big scone. 
Dad's beautiful version or tribute to Gram's Irish soda bread.  Delicious!
Notice the crumb texture, the raisins are suspended throughout, but not overpowering, the crust is tougher than the center.  All excellent features of Irish soda bread.

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day means food to a lot of people... corned beef & cabbage, green beer and for us most of all -- Gram's Irish Soda Bread.
Now, I do not mean her specific recipe.  I am at a point where Gram's Irish soda bread is the generic referral to ALL Irish Soda breads.  If I see one in the supermarket bakery - I think of the one that Gram would make this time of year.  When I see recipes, I assume Gram's Irish Soda Bread, even though her recipe was very specific and honestly, not so tasty, although had a specific flavor and texture that was delicious.  Her recipe click here  uses no eggs and no yeast.  It uses white flour and white sugar for flavoring.
I have tried some other recipes that look good, but do not have a similar flavor to Gram's.  The only way I can describe the flavor is "clean".  It is a dry bread and not cakey.
I have not been able to recreate it.
Dad, however, has.  Leave it to an Italian to perfect the Irish soda bread recipe.
Dad dropped off a corned beef supper for us yesterday and I was surprised to see a beautiful loaf of caramel colored bread along with the supper.   Dad smiled when he told me he used Gram's recipe but modified it a bit....adding yeast and replacing some sugar with molasses.
The bread looked like a little crown.  It was beautiful, but I was a little skeptical that it would retain the "clean flavor" of Gram's.
I had tried with my loaf to do that and failed.  
Dad, however, accomplished that.  It is delicious toasted or plain.  With butter or without.
I do think that even Gram would love it!

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