Monday, March 23, 2009

Legalities and Red Currents

Growing up in NY, we had a beautiful red current bush behind the house.  When the berries turned red, they would glow in the sun and be a gorgeous crimson color.  They, were not however, sweet and they had a seed in them.  But, they made a beautiful current jam.

When we moved to NH, we quickly learned that it was illegal to grow currents as they somehow fostered a disease that threatened the white pine.  So our current bush had to be a thing of the past...until now.
According to the Concord Monitor some varieties of current are now legal to grow in NH! Yay.  I am going to get some this year and plant behind the house.  I am not sure if I am up for all the work of pitting the currents, but at least the deer will be well fed.


Laurie said...

I love current Jam! I'll help pit them!

DannyB said...

You're on Laurie!