Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Snowfall

Today was a sunny and beautiful day, almost pretty enough to forget about Monday's blizzard...Except for the FRIGID COLD.
Here are some stats...
The "norm" for snowfall per season (July 1 - June 30 in a year) for Concord, NH is 50.8 inches.
In 2007 - 2008 we received 110.7 inches
This season (to date) we have 73.2 inches!

Now, these numbers are for Concord, NH as recorded by the National Weather Service.  Our numbers will vary....we have received more snow.

As for temperature the average or norm is 28.  Last year was 23, this year.....19!!!!

(The picture is a HUGE snowman, taken in Goshen on Saturday.  The carrot, coal eye and hat were my doing, as the actual builders were busy putting up a ladder in order to get to the snowman's head!)

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