Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning...continued

I recently read an article on how "spring cleaning" was outdated and no longer applied to today's culture.  The premise was that in the past, families and homes were bundled up for winter where the soot, winter damage etc was finally cleaned or "aired out" come spring time when stoves and fireplaces no longer had to be run to keep the house warm.  At this time there was a renewed vigor for washing the linens, cleaning the home, placing winter clothing and blankets in storage for another season.
Truthfully, I do all that now!  Even though we live in an age where heating is cleaner (for the most part) in New England there is still a change in seasons, a drastic one at that!
Mud season is upon us and as any New Englander knows, that means spring thaw and (optimistically) gardening for warmer months.
It is in fact, time to put away the snow plow, snow blowers and shovels.  Pack up the kids snowsuits, skis and snowboards.  Get out the brooms, welcome mats.  Tidy up the yard and prepare for gardens, yard clean up and warmer weather.
Spring Cleaning marks a time of year, just as important as Christmas or Thanksgiving.  It marks the end of a long, cold dreary winter and the beginning of warmer weather.  Sure, we will have a fluke snowstorm (or two) and the frosts will keep coming until the end of May, but gone are the days of shoveling snow every 2-3 days.  Sunsets are later and the thermometers do reach above freezing more often than not in the days.
Spring Cleaning is as much a sign of optimism as it is a date on the calendar.  
Spring Cleaning obsolete?  Not in New England...

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piera said...

Do you guys still have a lot of snow?? Yesterday was about 60 degrees in New York and I can't wait for all the warm weather. I still love to do spring cleaning. It really feels good to get it out of the way and it makes the house feel so clean.