Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tennis Recap

Allie & Evan lost to Jon & Graciana in the semi finals.  The kids played well, but were overpowered by two players who hit the ball with a lot of topspin.  The topspin, is the way the ball spins (like a tire moving forward) whereas slice or backspin is where the ball spins in reverse.  Both types of spin make the ball bounce differently... topspin makes it bounce and then fly high.  Slice makes it bounce and stay low.... so there are different times when the slice is crucial to winning a point and recognizing when your opponent uses those spins is important too.

Jon & Graciana lost in the finals to Fe & Suki.  It was an exciting match and everyone had a great time.  I made a big batch of chicken chili and brought it to the match along with some cornbread and green tea sodas.  Since we would be out between 5 and 9 pm, I wanted up to have something to eat.  It was a good thing I brought such a big batch because everyone who was there had it and loved it!  There was nothing gone at the end of the night.  But, our bellies were full!

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