Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tennis Team - Update - Week 2

The high school team practice is going splendidly!  Well, sort of, but more on that later...
The team, the actual girls are a lovely group of 11 ladies ages 14 - 18.  They are dedicated, hard working and all pleasant.
The team is comprised of 3 groups -- The top 4 players fit into the advanced description - Numbers 5 & 6 are mid-level and the remaining 5 are all beginners, having just started playing less than 2 weeks ago.
Well, EVERYONE has made progress.  The "Fantastic Four" are getting better, 5 & 6 are advancing their game.  The beginners are making the most progress.  They now have a serve, forehands, backhands, volleys and are learning to keep score!  This is immense progress, further along than I expected.  I am pleasantly surprised and very proud of all of them.
We have two more indoor practices before we head outdoors.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather warms up and the wind slows down.

Now, onto the "sort of"...
I have to deal with the school, specifically, the athletic director, the trainer and the secretaries.
-To date I have been stood up for all 3 meetings that I had at the school.  I had to make a trip to the school for each of these meetings, which were scheduled in advance.  Each time, the athletic director was a no-show and I made a wasted trip.
-The nets were supposed to be put up last week, but have not been put up even though the courts have been cleared for 3 weeks.
-We have had 3 practices and the tennis balls have not arrived yet.  We have been using my own equipment (I have been loaning the beginners racquets).
-I set up a pre-season clinic and left a clipboard with the secretaries in the office, who agreed and understood that students would sign up for the clinic at the office.  I arranged for announcements to take place for a week. Announcements were made (sort of) and the secretaries lost the sign up sheet and clipboard.  They didn't feel it was necessary to tell me or contact me.  The result was that the clinic was cancelled and the tennis pro was out the income.
- The "trainer" (employed by the school) has given me the wrong forms for the girls twice.  On Monday, I finally got the correct forms for the girls and today, she told me "I want to get this done by the end of the week".  I nearly fainted.

So, in short the "tennis" aspect of the team is going well, the administrative aspects are disasters. 
The administration is abhorrent.  I can't believe that these people are role models for the kids at the high school.  I have no patience for incompetence.  This is just an inkling into the bad management, disorganization and lack of supervision that takes place at our local school.  I could rant on about how many millions of tax dollars are allocated to the school and these people.  It is frightening and upsetting.  There is no accountability for wrong doing or waste.
This is the message we send the kids at the high school.

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