Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to School....

This week has been a huge week for us!
  • The kids just finished their April vacation... the last vacation before the end of school.  If this year is anything like years past, school will fly bye for the kids.... At the end of the week it will be May!
  • A certain pair of twins turn 34 on Tuesday!  
  • We have 4 tennis matches between Monday & Friday!  Cross your fingers that the weather is nice, the opposing teams show up and no one gets hurt!
  • Ash has a major project for school due in a few weeks.  It is one of those "busy work" projects that the high school assigns all freshmen.  Ash always works hard and does a terrific job.  The projects are huge and require a oral presentation.  And the teachers pass everyone who has a pulse.  It frustrates me to see her stress and sweat over this project, but I am proud of her for being so hard-working.
  • Allie is taking the SATs next Saturday.
  • I still have to paint the rest of the house, outdoors.  But, due to the rain last week and the heatwave this week, I have had to stop and wait for the temperature to cool down.  So, my progress is slow.

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piera said...

Good luck in all of your tennis matches. Wish the girls luck for me.
I have two games this week, one tomorrow and one on Thursday. Talk with you soon. bye P