Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Best Part of Easter...

The Best Part of Easter is really the days that follow.
First off, you get to let the joy of seeing everyone sink in.  (Theo & Claudia are growing up so quickly!) But, this year, Dad gave me the leftover Sfogliatelle that he made.
I now reward myself during the late afternoon with a latte and delicious sfogliatelle pastry or two.
Sfogliatelle are pastries that resemble a shell or cone that translates into "many layers".  The pastry was originated in Naples, supposedly at a convent.  They are time consuming to make and delicious.  As a kid, I loved the layers of crispy pastry dough and the dusting of powdered sugar. I didn't like the filling.  Some pastries that I remember were so fat and swollen with filling that they scared me!
My father makes utterly delicious sfogiatelle and goes light on the filling - which I love.  But, I don't dislike the filling any longer.  However, I still prefer the crispy layers to the filling, but now I like the entire pastry!
Yummy.  next time I will spotlight Dame's favorite Easter pie....

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