Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am looking to plant a low maintenance backyard around our decks and up against the house.  I have been researching what to plant in the mostly shade- part sun area.  I want to plant some more azaleas and rhododendrons like Gram had.  They did well in the back, but we dug them up when we put on the addition.
So, I am going to plant a border around our bedroom deck.  I wanted a perennial, low care plant that produces some color.
After lots of thinking about it, I came up with this.  CHIVES.
I love chives.  They are beautiful, provide spikes growing up, a nice texture and if left unclipped, will produce purple flowers in the late summer and fall.  They come up on their own easily once established.  And I love chives!  Great.
So, I have started chive seedlings.  I will transplant them outside in 6 -8 weeks, after the frosts are over.

Chives -allium shoenoprasum - native to Siberia and are high in vitamin C
Chives are the smallest plants in the onion family.
They grow in full sun to partial shade, grown in clumps and are one of the earliest herbs to reach maturation in the spring.  The flowers are edible.
Garlic Chives produce white flowers, rather than purple

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