Tuesday, April 28, 2009

High School Tennis - match 5

Yesterday we played a very strong team and actually did very well!
We played Bow, who are one of the top teams and all of our girls held their own and put up a good fight.  Ash was our only singles winner, pulling a win at 9-7!  I call her the "comeback kid" because she seems to play best when she is down (4-7 is a familiar score with her before she kicks it into high gear).
Yesterday, the athletic director and I had a chat.  I went it to ask about schedules etc and he handed me a letter from an opposing school.  The opposing school sent a letter to him (my boss, as it were) to tell him what a great team we have, full of good girls and great sports.  The letter also pointed out how "their coach" was a positive influence on all the kids at the match.
The athletic director says this isn't the first one he received and that I am making "a mark"....

I appreciated the kind words and went off to read the letter to the girls and tell them how proud I am of them.  I also used that as a teachable moment to tell them that character is important and how at their ages, they are developing character and reputations that they should be proud of.

Today, we have a match in the scorching heat....cross your fingers!

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