Wednesday, April 29, 2009

High School Tennis - match 6

We are now 2 wins - 4 losses.
The team played Stevens yesterday and we won 6-3.  It was a nightmare of trek up to Claremont. We had to share a bus with the track team.  Now, while I am all for combining travel routes when possible for budgetary reasons, if it is a major inconvenience (and it was) it is NOT worth it.
First off, the track team is horribly rude, disrespectful and smelly.  I know these are high school kids, but honestly, 25 kids and 3 coaches, someone needs to be responsible.  These kids boarded the bus without a coach present, proceeded to run up and down the bus while it was parked (with a driver in it) and ransacked whatever they could.  They blared music, talked loudly and went through people's belongings.  
I did not find out that we were sharing a bus until 5 min before scheduled departure time.  Once I found out, I stormed into the athletic director's office and let him have it!  Let me tell you, hell hath no fury like me knowing that I am about to board a school bus full of obnoxious, unruly, unsupervised teenagers.
So, I discuss the situation with our team and explain that "this will be the one and only time this happens."
So, we board the bus.  
The tennis team is a well mannered, bright and respectful group.
I would have it no other way.
I do not like being around people who are careless about other people's feelings and I make every effort to be careful and "look out" for my team.  In return, the girls do the same for me and each other.  We are all pleased with that and it creates a very pleasant team.  So, even though we have uncomfortable experiences with bad drivers, cheating opponents, etc, there is some security and comfort in the knowledge that we can depend on each other.

Now, traveling to matches is a procedure because I am like Mary Poppins when we have a tennis match. I pack everything and anything that we might me.  I am prepared for just about every emergency.  
The temperature was 89 degrees when we left the school.  I had 2 coolers of drinks (water & iced tea) a large medical kit (my own - - the school supplied one that contained band-aids that I gave back), a picnic blanket, a cooler full of snacks, my paperwork (medical & team related) a cell phone, extra equipment (tape measure, tissues, pens, etc).

The track team sees us board and neatly place these items beside me.  Two obnoxious girls from the track team, proceed to come to the seat beside me and start to look through our stuff.
One of the track coaches made a comment that "we didn't bring water but that was OK, because the tennis team brought enough for everyone!".
At this point (89 degrees on a bus full of smelly teenagers, getting ready for a 70 minute drive) I was in no mood for this bozo!

So, the drive was pure hell for me.  I look at the tennis team who are politely sitting upright in their seats, facing forward and contrast it to the animals sitting in the seats behind them.  Some of the girls saw me staring in disgust at the delinquents and looked at me. "This is what hell is like girls".  
They cracked up.  I was being 100% serious.

Epilogue - My fantastic husband drove all the way from Concord to come and drive us home from the match!  Some other parents came to watch the match and took home their kids, so we only had 2 additional to transport.  I am blessed that he would be so kind as to do that.  It was his "day off" from coaching and he was looking forward to a quiet evening alone.  He is so good to me.

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