Thursday, April 30, 2009

High School Tennis - match 7

Today we played one of the top teams in the state, Bishop Brady.  The competition was very tough, our strongest opponents by far.
Our team rose to a level that was the highest I have seen.  They played so well!  EVERYONE of them!
We lost 2-7 but this team was undefeated.  They haven't lost a single match (they usually win 9-0)
Allie won her singles match.  She played the best I have seen her play.  She accounted for the wind and was fantastic!  Her score 9-7!
Allie & Ash won in doubles 8-5

Each team player from Kearsarge played the best I have seen them!  I was so proud of them.
Tomorrow, we have a match against Hanover (the best team in the state).
I arranged for the team to play at the Dartmouth indoor courts!  They are in for a treat!

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