Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Match that Wasn't... match 4

We were supposed to have our 4th high school match today, but the other team was a no-show.
Now, these type of things are not supposed to happen as there are many things in place to prevent this waste of time....
The athletic director is in charge of scheduling matches.  That is a major part of his job.  Pretty much each school has this position that is paid very well.  Each school's athletic directors confirm the week before the matches (or are supposed to) to make sure that things are on track.
This week, being April break, well... our athletic director is in Vegas.  (Need I continue?)
Additionally, the schedules are published on the net in many locations NHIAA website for one, plus local newspapers, etc.
Well, our team showed up at the school an hour early, cleaned the courts and squeegeed the courts from the morning's rain.  The girls then warmed up and we waited.... and waited...
Due to vacation week, we were the only ones at the high school.  So, I called the opposing school and got the principal.  I explained the situation.  He was helpful, telling me that their athletic director had left for the day.
Not to be thwarted, I asked him to contact the director, explain the situation and have them contact me ASAP....
To her credit, the athletic director from the opposing school contacted me (our athletic director was unreachable)... and told me that our director rescheduled the match to May 5.
I thanked her for letting me know.
She proceeded to tell me how it wasn't her fault (I had not accused her of anything, I was strictly trying to figure out if our team needed to remain at the high school).  She went on and on.  I had to interrupt her to tell her, "look, I realize it isn't your problem, thank you for letting me know".  I wasn't rude, but firm.  Frankly, I didn't care whose fault it was at this point, I just didn't want to waste anymore time at an abandoned high school.
I left a message for our athletic director who then left me a message explaining that it wasn't his fault.
The school system is very big on CYA.... or "Cover Your Ass"...
There was nothing I could do except apologize to our girls for trekking to the school.  I explained the situation and we departed the scene.
So, now 1 hour later after getting the situation "resolved" I am left with no one taking responsibility for a situation that inconvenienced me and the team.  I was also not given an apology by any party (not surprising as it wasn't their fault, right?"
Another example of the bureaucratic nonsense of the school system.
This how the school demonstrates taking responsibility for their actions.
Strange.  We all make mistakes.  Owning up to them, attempting to remedy them, giving an apology and moving on is the lesson I wished to pass to the team.

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