Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Spring Cleaning...

I wanted to have the chimney cleaned, so I called the local chimney sweep.  He was a classic New Englander and told me that he had a few jobs ahead of me, but would call in a few weeks, the night before.
He wasn't very talkative and was a little hard to understand, so I asked, "before you clean the chimney or just take a look at it?"  I wanted to know if he planned on giving me an estimate or if he planned on cleaning it AND I wanted a time frame AND I wanted to know if he needed access to the house.  I am really quite demanding.  But, at the same time, I wanted to know what to expect.
We got the call last night (actually a message) and I called him back to confirm.  He told me early afternoon.  I agreed and hung up.
Jon (rightfully) asked me what that meant, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00?  I told him I had no idea, but not first thing in the morning and not late afternoon and not night....
Really, I can't do any better with service calls or deliveries. I am lucky to get a 4 hour window and the servicemen are usually late to that.  So, I looked at "early afternoon" as a good thing.
Well, Mr.Chimneysweep arrived at 1:26 pm.
He examined the fireplace told me it would be an easy job and went about his task.
20 minutes later he was done.  My fireplace was filled with black soot that he vacuumed up.  Yuck.
He suggested getting it cleaned every 4 cords of wood. 
One more thing to check off my list!

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R J said...

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