Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pasteria di Grano

Easter Grain Pie is also called Pizza di Grano.  It is an Italian dense pie, like an ultra thick and grainy cheesecake, although much drier.  It is made from wheat berries, although other versions exist using rice.  The crust is made, then the grains are added.   Sometimes ricotta cheese is added.  The unusual flavor is from orange flower water (acqua di fiori d'arancio) not to be confused with orange extract.  It provides a very subtle, citrus flavor that is familiar to many Italian pastries.
It is the perfect symbolism for Spring - the grain - rebirth and Resurrection.
Dame loves it.  My father makes many each year.  He decorates the top with a lattice crust and it is beautiful.
Here are two recipe versions.  The first from Allrecipes.
The second is from King Arthur Flour and uses rice.

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