Saturday, April 18, 2009

Second High School Tennis Match 3-6

We lost our second match yesterday at Monadnock, but GREAT things happened.

First off, our bus driver, aka Mario Andretti managed to get us to Monadnock and back alive.  I say this and it sounds a bit funny, but have you ever seen a full size yellow school bus up on two wheels?  Have you ever seen sparks fly from the side of the bus as it clips a car parked on the side of the highway?  I hope you can answer "no" to both of those questions.  I wish I could.
When the driver drove over a curb, one shy girl on the team popped up from her seat and asked, "did we run over someone?"
When we arrived at the school, late Friday night, the driver said to me as I was the last off the bus, "I never had such a quiet group of kids".  I told him that we were praying.

OK.  We survived so onto the tennis recap.
Allie won in singles 8-0.  Ash, who had to play in #2 position as Sadie was out, won in a nail biting exciting match 9-7.  Ash was down 3-7 and came back to win 6 games straight!  She played better and better as the match progressed.
Al & Ash won in 2 doubles 8-0.
The remaining players all played very well.  Lauren took over the #3 spot and played a tough left handed player.  Left handed players are rare in tennis and their balls shoot to the opposite side of what you would expect, so their game is a real challenge.  Jen took over the #4 spot and played the best I have ever seen her play!  She was starting to be aggressive and was moving very well.  Cassidy played in #5 and had her best day and Molly played her first varsity match and played well also.  Each girl has made such progress!
Cassidy & Molly (two very beginner players) played in doubles and lost 5-8!  They scored 5 games from skilled opponents.  Cassidy told me that she had the "best time ever" on the court.
I was thrilled.
All the girls on the team were kind, hard working and appreciative of their coaches, their opponents and the weather!  Oh, the weather was a warm 55 degrees and close to 60 in the sun at Monadnock.  At home it was closer to 68!
Our next match is Monday, weather permitting!

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