Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Cleaning...continued again!

Pile #1 BEFORE
Pile #1 - AFTER
Pile #2 (in background) BEFORE
Pile #2 - After
I have been picking up yard debris for 2 weeks now.  Some leftover construction debris that was covered with snow and "forgotten" and lots of downed branches from the ice storm.
I made lots of piles of brush and then hated those piles.   
Jon and I talked about renting a chipper as that would give me plenty of mulch but finding a day where we could rent one (all weather dependent as well) was tough.  Plus, Jon wanted to wait until more snow melts and I, well, you guessed it.  I want it done NOW!
Jon suggested I call the yard care guy down the road.  Reluctantly, I did. 
I expected to be put off by the cost and then given some obscure date in the future that may or may not take place.
But, I was pleasantly surprised.  He told me that Thursday looks like rain, so that would be a good day.  I calculated the day in my head and said, " you mean tomorrow?"
And he said, "yes.  I can be there at 7:30 or 8:00 is that is better for you."
Well, I was THRILLED.  Did he read my mind?
Sure enough, his crew of 2 guys arrived at 8 am, just as we agreed, with a beautiful, industrial wood chipper.  I mean, this thing took trees!!!!
One hour and 5 minutes later, all my brush piles were mulch.
The guys worked hard, helped me pick up stray brush that I had not gotten to and helped my down some dead trees.
I was thrilled.  THRILLED.
Now, I have to
-finish cleaning construction debris
-pick up rocks/stones
-rake and till earth

Then, I get to have fun, start planting and working on my backyard.

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