Friday, April 10, 2009

Week at a Glance

This week slowly crept along and then today was off to a running start and still hasn't crossed the finish line.  I was very productive this week, but am still running at 100%.
-Girls Tennis Team - we had our last indoor practice, had our first outdoor practice and had the placement matches to determine the top 8 players for the team.  We have our first match on Monday vs. Lebanon and am looking forward to a fun season.
-The girls finished quarter 3 at school.  They have only 1 quarter left 45 school days!  What a relief.  The girls have done very well this year, but it has not been without its headaches.  The administration is going through some serious changes (mostly good in my book) and have another new principal.  6 principals in 9 years.  Each new principal brings about a new regime change, new rules and new expectations.  The existing established employees dig in with their heels and cause headaches for the new guy.  So, needless to say, it is not a welcoming environment.  There is a lot of waste, a lot of questionable expenses, and a lot of employees who feel threatened by others.  They outnumber the "new guy".  Now, with last year's addition of the new superintendent, there are fewer "established" friendships/work relationships that cause "politics as usual" at the school.  So, I am optimistic about the future for the school.
-The yard clean up has been going well.  Still so much more ahead.  The girls helped me to do a bunch of work today, so I got far more done than I have been able to do solo.
-Jon has a tennis tournament on Sat.  I am looking forward to watching the matches.
-Sunday is Easter!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

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