Thursday, April 09, 2009

What I am Reading - A Local Novelist

I am reading "Open Season" written by Archer Mayor.
Mayor is a Vermont resident, author, police officer and works with crime units.  His books are primarily about Joe Gunther, the stoic, smart and old fashioned detective in Brattleboro, Vermont.  The book is suspenseful and thrilling.  It is the first in 15+ books in the Joe Gunther series.

Now, here is how I found out about Archer Mayor...
Traveling to one of our many tennis matches last year, I carpooled with 3 other women.  On the long drive up to Burlington, we started talking about the books we were reading.  We found out that we had a lot of overlapping interests. 
At the match, after we played tennis and while we were socializing with the other team players, we continued our earlier conversation.  When I brought up that I liked crime/detective novels, my partner asked if I had read any Archer Mayor books?
I had not and had not heard of Archer Mayor.
Well, one of our opponents started getting excited and giddy.
She has been stopped in her car by Archer Mayor!
She read his name on his badge and yelled in her Boston accent, "Archey MAY A!  Oh, my God, it's Arch-ey May-a!"

We all laughed as this woman was so excited to relay her run in with celebrity.
So, my curiosity was peaked. 

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