Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Great Thrift Store

We hit the jackpot!  I have been in touch with some friends from high school and when we were chatting about the past 20 years (since we have seen each other) my friend Penny, told me that she works at the Warner Barn Sale.  When I asked her about that, she told me that it was a used goods sale open 2X a week (Tuesday afternoons and Sat mornings) at the Historical Society Building in Warner.  Of course, this peaked my interested and I promised to stop bye, the next time it was open, which was today!
I dragged Ash along with me, she is always so good about thrift shops and she spots the best treasures!  And just to prove how she lived up to her title, we found a bunch of stuff that we love!
Ash spotted this gorgeous pair of black heels, embroidered with roses... brand new and my size.  They were calling my name, but only Ash heard!  I found a great old school desk and Ash picked up some stuff.  Too fun.  The Barn in 2 stories, they have housewares of all sorts downstairs and outside and then upstairs are books & records.  Ash discovered some stain glass goodies and a very quaint plaque.  Total for the desk, shoes and stuff - $10....
Now, the only drawback is that this place is so jam packed with junk and treasure, that I could spend hours in there, just sorting through it!  That is dangerous for me... it feels like a treasure hunt.  I will definitely add this to my list of fun thrift shops!  Here is the link.

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