Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another NH Wildflower - Trillium

Trillium is a wildflower that blooms April - June in north America and Asia.  (It is also the official flower of Ontario.)  I took the picture last week in Washington, NH.  It is beautiful the way the flower is white with pink emanating from the center.  Trilliums can be all white or all purple as well.
Trilliums are part of the lily family and are called tri-flower, wakerobin, birthroot.  Like other wildflowers, they don't transplant well. But, mice and ants carry the seeds back to their nests, ingest them, excrete them and they stay protected through the winter, where they germinate the next season.
Trillium grandiflorum are commonly found in the northeast and are the most easily spotted wildflower, mostly because the white petals stand out.
As early as 1918 trillium roots were made into a tonic that was used for medicinal purposes to treat bleeding and diarrhea.

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