Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blackberry Pancakes....

The "trick" to making pancakes studded with fruit is to pour the batter into the pan first before adding the fruit or nuts.  (Here I made pancakes the size of small hamburgers, but not as tiny as silver dollar size).
After the batter sets for just 20 seconds or so, place the berries into the batter.  Press the berries in, so that they are as flush with the pancake as possible.  Let pancakes cook.  My grandfather used to tell me to wait until bubbles formed in the batter.  This doesn't always happen, though.
Flip the pancakes when cooked on one side, the pancakes will pull up on the sides and look firm.
Flip them just his one time and see how pink the blackberries turned....Yummy.

We stumbled upon this little gem while making pancakes one morning.  The girls love pancakes and waffles for breakfast or even dinner.  I sometimes make blueberry pancakes for them, usually in the winter, using blueberries frozen from the previous summer.
But, on Tuesday, I was short blueberries, so I decided to use some fresh blackberries.  The girls loved them, loved how the blackberries tasted when the cooked a little in the pancake.
I use different recipes for pancakes, but on school mornings, I use Bisquik or Jiffy Baking mix, an egg and 3/4 cup milk +/-.  Delicious.

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