Saturday, May 02, 2009

And More Contest Results!

The Ketchup in the Rye - a pun on The Catcher in the Rye
The World According to Grape - a pun on The World According to Garp
Peter Rabbit by Beatrice Potter - notice the bunny made of pitas and the Beer trix- Pot-ter
C Biscuit (biscuits in the shape of the letter C) - a pun on the book title Seabiscuit
Diary of a Worm - a cake made to look like a garden

The Eat Your Words Contest results are in.....
I won "Best Representation of a Book"!!  
Ash and Cody were at the library before I arrived and when Jon and I walked in, Ash was all excited!  She didn't tell me what happened, but wanted me to be surprised.  I was!

The women running the event were very kind.  They are trying to get this to be an annual competition!
Above are the entries... 

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