Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Enjoying the beautiful weather

We went biking with the kids in Andover on the Northern Trail. It is a trail made for walkers, bikers and hikers that follows the old railroad tracks that eventually will lead to Concord.  It is a beautiful trek and very picturesque.
Ash took a spill that turned out to be quite the spill.  She caught some sand with her tire and nearly flipped her bike.  The only part of her that wasn't bruised was her head.  She was wearing a helmut, but both elbows, her shins, butt, chest and knees got quite bruised and beaten.

On the beginning of the ride, we ran into some teenagers who commented that we were "serious bikers" I am guessing due to our helmuts, but I told Ash that when we see them again she should show them her injuries and tell that "this is what a serious biker looks like".
Ash is doing fine, just beaten up a bit, but she is handling it well.  She was more concerned that her bike was scratched than the shape her body was in.... the Canuto blood runs deep in this one.

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