Monday, May 25, 2009

Going Green(er)

I have been working feverishly around the house for the past few months.  Yesterday, while at a quilt show in Lebanon, I ran into some "quilting friends" or people who I run into at art shows, quilt shops etc.  Jen asked me about what project I was working on and I stuttered....ummm... I am working on the house!  She laughed.  In the past we had worked on different projects side by side at "art nights" but now, I don't have time for that.  Today, I cleared off my desk and started folding some origami.  I wanted a quick and easy craft that didn't require too much clean up or preparation.
My latest project is moving the compost to a new location.  I stacked up cinder blocks that we had leftover from the hot tub and created a barrier of sorts.  The compost is away from the house but not so far as to give me an excuse to be lazy!  The old compost location is full of wood chips and I think I will turn it into a garden of sorts....still mulling that one over.

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