Monday, May 18, 2009

High School Tennis - Final Week

We have 2 matches this week Tuesday & Wednesday so today, we had practice after school.  It was a little chilly, but once we started moving around, we warmed up.  And the bugs weren't bad today, luckily.
But, the odd thing that happened was that one boy showed up for boy's practice.  Apparently, he didn't realize that the boys weren't having practice.  Since he was all dressed for tennis, I offered him the chance to practice with the girls team.
To my surprise, John McEnroe accepted the invitation!
So, we had a very unusual practice.  McEnroe gave it his all and was a good sport, the girls gave it their all because they were playing someone who hit a hard ball.
It was a fun practice.  
When we were picking up the balls at the very end, I told John McEnroe that he was now an official member of the girls team!

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