Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High School Tennis - match 12

Today's match was almost ideal... almost.
Our #2 was away visiting Washington D.C. so the rule is that those in line after her assume a higher position on the ladder to take her place.
So, Ashley played #2, Lauren played #3, Jen played #4, Cassidy played #5 and Molly played #6.
This drastically changed our team's depth, we were much weaker.

We lost 3-6, but our girls played well.
Allie won 8-0, Ash won 8-5 and in doubles Allie & Lauren won 8-2.
Ash played with Jen and lost 5-8.
It was a tough match.
One more to go, tomorrow....at this point, I just want to get through it.

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