Wednesday, May 20, 2009

High School Tennis - match 13

This was our final match this season.  
We lost all 9 matches, but our girls played well.
The circumstances were far less than ideal, the only good thing I can say is that the weather wasn't raining (like it was at 3 pm) snowing or hailing.
Other than that, it was hot over 80 degrees, sunny and buggy.  Our opponents, Bishop Brady were nasty, unsportsmanlike and arrogant.
They were the 2nd best team in the state last year and a strong team of tennis players.  However, humility is apparently not taught to the darlings of Bishop Brady or to their parents.
Without rehashing the disaster that was today's match, let me give you one example that was a metaphor for the entire debacle.
We arrived for a 4:00 match at 3:40.  The opposing coach reluctantly agreed to give us 3 of the 5 courts to warm up.  (The rules state that if one team warms up before the scheduled time, both teams must have access to the courts, so that one team doesn't have an unfair advantage).
So, our girls went on the court for 20 min, even though they had been on the courts since 3 pm.
Then, we we cleared the courts in order to start the match, the Bishop Brady team instead took 2o minutes to have a "going away party for the 4 seniors on their team".
When we started the introductions, the BB coach announced "thank you for being patient with us, we have 4 seniors and this is their last match".
Big deal, this is a high school event, there are seniors everywhere!  We had a senior....Good grief.  Could they not have had their party after our match or was it necessary to keep us waiting for 20 min in the hot sun while they had going away party?
At the end of the matches, the coach announced to the girls that they had practice tomorrow.
I just shook my sweaty head...

We ended our season 4 wins 9 losses.  Each girl improved dramatically.
We had a wonderful season.

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