Sunday, May 17, 2009

Latest Gnu's from New London

So, New London has a little art community that are trying to bring some additional art to the town.... Their latest attempt is Gnu's - as in Gnu London....
Area businesses, "sponsored" a gnu (to the cost of over $1800) and in return an artist paints a gnu and the business gets to display the artwork until October.  Artists signed up to paint the animals (life size) and are paid a stipend $800.  The group putting on the Gnu thing can be found here.... Bridget LeRoy, owner of the New London Inn was instrumental in  putting together the program.  The New London Inn is hosting the "unveiling" party and then the animals will be distributed to the local businesses.  I believe that the gnus will be auctioned off as well.
Here is one that has already been put outside the New London Inn.

The artists volunteered to be part of this group.  I can see that the artists put a lot of work into them and they are definitely eye catchers.  To me, they are a little odd... But, that won't stop me from photographing them all!  How many times do you see gnus?

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