Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living Walls

Living Fence...
Looks lovely in an office space...
Beautiful in a home...
Leave it to McDonalds to use a living wall!
Oh, look plants indoors by a dishwasher!

Have you seen these "living walls" or green walls?
I have only seen them in some hotels used as decoration, but the vertical walls of plants can be used as decoration or even to harvest plants!
Las Vegas has a proposal for a 72 story vertical garden building that could feed 72,000 people a year!
I was more looking into them as a way to keep houseplants with out taking up space that I would use otherwise.  Plus, I like the idea of a wall of plants.
These living walls are found inside or outside (mostly in Europe) but they are magnificent.
They can be grown in soil or without, but the only requirement is that there is a source of water for the wall.
Think of how they can brighten up an office space or indoors in the long winter!

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