Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Blessing

Mother's Day 2009 was just fantastic.  Not only was it a beautiful day, but I was blessed with gifts from my family.  Allie woke up early on Sunday morning and chatted with me in the kitchen before everyone else woke up.  We had a lovely early morning chat that is rare.  Allie loves to sleep in.  Unlike her sister (who doesn't sleep much and never has), Allie is not a morning person.  Al has a hard time waking up and even digesting food before she is fully awake.  So, when I saw her outside her room at 7 am, I was shocked!  I asked her if she was all right, because I didn't expect to see her up so early.  She told me that she got up early to see me!  I was thrilled.
We talked and laughed and had a great hour or so.
The girls ordered flowers for me... beautiful sherbet colored roses, they gifted me with a large marble pastry board and a book on drawing and illustration.  They know just what I like!
Dad came by on Saturday with a delicious looking lasagna, chives for my garden and rhubarb. He must have seen me starting to drool over the lasagna, because he warned me to cook it, (twice) before leaving!  I guess, I have been know to be impatient at times and that lasagna looked good enough to eat raw!.
The lasagna was absolutely delicious, don't worry, I cooked it!  We all enjoyed that gift!

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