Sunday, May 24, 2009

NH State Wild Flower

Known as "pink lady slipper" or "moccasin flower" or "Whip poor-Will's shoe" because of the shape, it is NH's official state wild flower.  There is a myth that the flower is so endangered that it is illegal to cut, transplant or pick them.  However, the reality is that the law exists in Minnesota or Mass.  but not, NH.  The reality, is that while they are not endangered or rare, they are fussy and do not do well once transplanted.  They have a short life once they are picked.  Perhaps due to the myth that it is illegal to cut or move them, they have thrived.

They are an orchid - Cypripedium acaule- that does not survive change in climate or environment. They bloom April - July and are usually found near wetlands or swampy areas.

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Laurie said...

Just did a hike today saw several on the trails pinks and whites. I have yet to see the rare Yellow lady slipper but have an idea where to look. Damian